Automatic batch conversion of aup's to aup3's?

I’m running Audacity 3.1.3 on Windows 11.

It’s so great to see the unified aup3 file. A major improvement. However, to look online, I can only see that aup’s will only be converted to aup3’s when saved from Audacity. What I’m finding instead, is that ALL of my aup’s, found in various places on my drive, have been replaced with aup3’s. And these aup3’s have the original date/time from when I last saved the project as an aup. Is this an unpromoted feature of Audacity? Handy, if so, but otherwise a little spooky.

Perhaps you need to ask Windows to show file name extensions. In Windows 11, it is a little different than Windows 10.

For Windows 10, go to File Explorer, select the View tab, then check “File name extensions”.

For Windows 11, I believe it is File Manager, View, Show , File name extensions.

Thanks! But I have always displayed my file extensions. :slight_smile: As I look more closely at the project file dates, I’m thinking I must have created many of them when aup3 was the default save, and I didn’t realize how far back it went. I tried tickling some older ones to see what happens; if you choose to save your project, it will create the aup3 and will not delete the original aup and associated data file. Case resolution: Senior moment.

Glad to hear this is resolved. :smiley: