"autodestruction" feature?

Hello everyone,

A month or two ago, I created a file with Audacity 2.3.2 in order to use it as an alarm sound on my phone.
Strangely enough, it DISAPPEARED from 2 phones simultaneously after 30ish days of use, without any sort connection between the two phones…

Does anyone have a clue at what might have happened ?
Whether it is due to something I did wrong in Audacity, or something completely different, any start of explanation would be really appreciated, as I wonder if my other files are safe…

Here is some more background information on what I did:

  • I took an mp3 file
  • used Audacity to truncate parts out of it
  • added 10min of “nothing”(no sound) at the end of the file
  • exported it back as an mp3 file (standard settings, 44kbps if I recall).

then I sent that file by email to myself and my wife (Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 and 2017, respectively) by email (file is about 2.3 MB)
downloaded the file on both phones
I set a new alarm, using this as the sound (alarm app = alarmy, on android)

Then we used those alarms with success for a month or so, until a few days ago the alarm played another sound when going off.
I tried on my wife’s phone: same issue.
Checked the parameters: the source file was nowhere to be found on the phone.
Hence, Alarmy played a default substitution sound.

Any clue?
Is it Alarmy, Audacity, the phone file manager or something else doing weird things?
The weirdest part is that it happened on the same day to both phones.

Possibly useful info: the day of the disappearance was this sunday, just after the night where we switched back to winter hour.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This will have nothing to do with Audacity. Files don’t have an “auto destruct”. Once the file has been exported, that is the end of Audacity’s involvement.

I have a faulty SD card in my cellphone, and some files disappear once a while. May it have something with your problem?