Auto-Tune in Audacity

can some1 plzshow me a step by step guide to installing auto-tune into audacity, even the right link to download the autotune plugin that works, that weould be greatly appreciated, cuz i am tired of the run around

Auto-tune is not an Audacity plug-in, and as far as I am aware it is not compatible with Audacity.

thats not true, because i’ve actually used it in a studio, the thing is its hard to find, and i wanted to know if anyone knew how to do it, like a team audacity member

I presume that you mean “Antares Auto-tune”.

It is not an Audacity plug-in.

If you mean some other “Auto-tune” that is not made by Antares, please specify.

While it may be possible to persuade Antares Autotune to basically function in Audacity, using the VST bridge (Audacity does not natively support VST), the graphical interface of Autotune will not be available due to restrictions that Steinberg places on the use of the VST SDK code. Using Antares Autotune without the custom VST GUI makes it virtually unusable.

i wish i could show you… i go to this studio every once in a while and under affects they have auto tune, and they use it quite often, i dont know how they did it, but its the reason why i decided to download audacity in the first place

I wish you could show me - I think there would be a lot of demand for an auto-tune effect in Audacity.

  1. Are you sure the program that they are using is “Audacity” (not to be confused with “Audition” which is a $600 commercial audio program).
  2. If it is “Audacity”, could you find out which version (Click on the “Help” menu and select “About Audacity”)
  3. When you select the “auto-tune” effect, does the effect state any copyright or author information?

It is possible that they may have written their own auto-tune effect - Audacity is an open source program, which means that anyone is allowed to download the source code and develop it in anyway that they wish. Audacity also supports Nyquist plug-ins and LADSPA plug-ins which are both open formats, so with a little programming experience it is possible for anyone to write their own plug-in effects.

If they have written their own auto-tune effect, perhaps you could persuade them to release it publicly (it would be excellent publicity for them). I think that there is a good chance that the Audacity developers would consider including it future releases of Audacity if it were released with a GPL compatible licence.

If they have installed Audacity and included the “VST Bridge”, then it is possible that they have purchased “Antares AutoTune” and this is what you see in the effects menu. I have not tried this, but there have been reports on this forum that it does not work very well in Audacity - perhaps it works better than previous users have reported? Have you tried using it?