Auto tune evo


I am new to audacity my friends have been using it for a while, however. I tried to add the vst plugin auto tune evo but i keep getting the message ‘could not load library’. I’m not sure what is causing this It hasn’t happened to any of my friends they haven’t seen this pop up before. I have been looking for a forum asking this question but was unsuccessful. I am not sure what I have done wrong.

I downloaded the file from media fire online from a link my friends used. i extracted it using winrar and ran the setup. installed in program files x86 when i go the effects tab and press enable that message pops up everytime.

I hope there is a fix for this.


If it’s working for your friend MAYBE it will work but Antares doesn’t officially support Audacity.

If you’re using the new 64-bit version of Audacity you’ll need a 64-bit plug-in, and the 32-bit version only works with 32-bit plug-ins. And Audacity does NOT support VST3 plug-ins, only VST2 (which have a DLL file extension).

The Antares website says:

Not Compatible
Digital Performer
Studio One Prime
Pro Tools Firt

Commercial plug-in developers often have a list of officially supported hosts but it’s rare to see a “not supported” list. Most commercial plug-ins don’t officially support Audacity so it’s usually hit-or-miss. Free plug-ins usually don’t have a list because the developers don’t have the budget for testing & debugging with many different audio editors & DAWs.

A couple of possible FREE alternatives to Auto Tune are [u]GSnap[/u] and [u]Graillon[/u].