auto save function and aup3 repair tool

since new file format may cause issue during save.
is that passable to add the autosave and backup file with additional file?
Also, add recover function to fix aup3 database?


I understand that you are currently experiencing difficulties that may or may not relate to foreign language services and/or working from a network drive. Until these issues can be addressed it makes little sense to do further development in this area as your suggested fixes will likely suffer from the same issues.

In general, however,

The new file format in 3.0.0 is considered more robust than in previous versions.

Audacity currently autosaves after every change you make to your audio. If you wish an additional backup, use File > Save Project > Backup Project. You will always also want to do a File > Export > Export as WAV at least of your original recording. See here:,-Regular%20backups%20should&text=Use%3A%20File%20>%20Save%20Project%20>,as%20you%20work%20on%20it.

Audacity’s recovery function has already been updated to work with the new 3.0.0 aup3 file format.

Thanks for the review and give me the feedback.
if all the above issues already addresses in AUP3 then I will keep check the new update and test it and provide feedback to the team.