auto moving waveform while playing


First, i want to thank you very much for your software, it is awesome!

But i have a need of some feature.

The display of waveform track is updating only when play-cursor goes to the end of screen.
I need display updating every ms. and cursor stays at least in center of screen.
If you can guess, i need it for seeing what waveform is coming up! Not being shocked when the screen updates, and also not seeing what waveforms were in past after update… it is like loosing control of track…

So… Is there any way to switch on that option ?

Manually scrolling with shift+scroll is not so much convinient. because scrolling is not as fast as wanted, and also because tire quickly.

Thank you!

Computer screens only refresh every 15-20ms , but I get what you mean.
Other free software will scroll the waveform when playing , e.g. ,
but IMO it’s not a helpful feature : it’s far more difficult to focus on a continuously moving waveform flying by,
see …
[ and the scrolling animation uses a lot of CPU time ].

Yes, You got me right!
but, In my case it is very helpful feature… I am editing own audio-book records…
Hope this feature can be implemented

Audacity, this great tool, really lacks good navigation, like in your e.g.
Maybe switchable on/off…

If the scrolling is a nuisance, then you are probably at the wrong zoom level (probab;y zoomed in too far). If you have a wheel mouse, you can zoom in/out very easily and rapidly with “Ctrl + Mouse Wheel”. Nevertheless, “smooth scrolling” is a popular request. I have added your vote on the Audacity wiki (

Does any of this help?

Thank you Steve, that I heard and my vote was counted.

The issue with wrong zoom level is not so about me. In my case - i need to getting information from track aurally and visually altrenately, and edit it step by step, second by second. So i think you got how it is)) Screen update is broking the image in brain.

Thank you again, I will be waiting! Best Wishes!

You’re going to experience the “waterfall motion-aftereffect illusion” if you stare at a fixed-cursor with continuously-scrolling animation passing by, see …

Brah you gotta do it like this:
There a feature called Scrubbing, in scrubbing there’s a feature callled
scroll scrubbing.

To scroll scrub you do CTRL + Left Click + Left Click (Double tap)

You double tap Left click while CTRL is pressed down and you shove the mouse to the right side Then you got stationary green light

nice nice nice

The next version of Audacity (2.1.3) which is due for release soon, has a new feature called “Pinned record/play head”. Essentially what it does is to keep the play position (“play head”) fixed (“pinned”) at the centre of the screen. More information is available in the alpha manual: (note that this link goes to the current “pre-release” version of the manual, so is subject to change).

We can safely predict the link when the 2.1.3 Manual is available as