Auto Label based on Silence

I currently record a number of songs at the same time, after which I manually have to place a label between each song in order to do an export multiple. It would help considerably, if there was an option to have a label automatically placed, based on the silence between songs.

That’s what the “Silence Finder” effect does:

Have you used it yet? How does it work?

I have been thinking this problem too. Because I don’t want go to the settings-tuning hell, I would find the following manual system okay:

(1) Find songs manually. Split the track to pieces. The Youtube advertisement are splitted too.
(2) Remove unwanted pieces and advs.
(3) Auto-label every piece. Numbers are ok, with possible prefix.
(4) Export all.

Pieces should have a silence added too. And volume adjusted based on RMS value.

Does Audacity have a scripting possibility so that a script can go through the pieces and process them? Can a Nyquist script go through the pieces, or the labels+audio? For example, I would also print the info about every piece; and possible archive the pieces to a audio library.