Auto Duck suggestion

I don’t know where to post this so if it’s at wrong place, delete it but please forward this suggestion to Auto Duck team :slight_smile:

All i think you should add to Auto Duck feature is ability to leave volume lowered at the end of stream. Here’s the pic how it should not be:

:slight_smile: Regards

Usually you would either fade out the music track before the end, or would have the music continue beyond the end of the talking. I listen to a lot of radio, and I don’t recall ever hearing a show that ends with ducked background music stopping dead at the end of the show, so I doubt that the feature you are proposing will gain enough support to justify the developer time to modify it, but I’ll move this topic to the “Adding Features” section of the forum so that other users have the opportunity to add their support.

Thanks for your reply, i’m just suggesting… You are right, it’s not worth developers time to modify plugin because of only one user… If other users express their opinion maybe this suggestion will be noticed :slight_smile: You said you never heard ducked music at the end… well sometimes we need lowered, sometimes raised…

As a practicality, in the example that you posted, it is easy to lower the level of the highlighted end bit, either by fading it out or by using the Envelope Tool. On the other hand, if AutoDuck pushed the volume low at the indicated position and that is not what the user wanted, then it is far less easy for the user to bring the level back up.