Auto Duck not working [SOLVED]

Running Audacity 2.0.5 on OSX 10.10.2

With two tracks present…music track on top and selected, voice track below it and not selected, when I click on Effect>Auto Duck I get an error message: “Auto Duck needs a control track which must be placed below the selected track(s).” It appears that Audacity doesn’t see my voice track. Am I doing something wrong?

It sounds like you are doing it right.
Could you post a screenshot?

If you have a label track between the audio tracks that would be an explanation.

Please note that Audacity does not yet officially support Yosemite. The next 2.1.0 version which should be released very soon will do so.


Screenshot is attached.
It sounds like it may be an issue with OSX 10.10.2
Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.36.30 PM.jpg

That screenshot shows you have selected all, as shown by the grey colouring.

The yellow border around the first track shows it has focus, but Auto Duck cares about selection, not focus.

So, have you tried unselecting the lower track by clicking in the track control panel of the upper track (where it says “32-bit float”)?


Et voila!
Thanks so much.
I’m new with Audacity after years using ProTools and didn’t understand “focus” vs. “selection.”
Working perfectly now. Thanks again!