Auto Chain, AAC Export?

Hi There

If anyone can help or suggest. I am using Auto Chain option and want it to do AAC Export, but when I click on edit chains and then add; AAC Export option is not present. What can I do? is it possible? I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and the latest version of Audacity, AAC export installed.

Do you have the FFMpeg software installed?


AAC export requires FFmpeg, but that is not currently supported in Chains. It is a popular feature request. I’ve added your vote for this feature.

If you only want to transcode your files to a different format, use a different program (perhaps iTunes?).
If you want to do other stuff in the Chain, do all of that and export in WAV format, then use another application to do the conversion.

FFMpeg software is installed. Thanks for the suggestion i will do just that. I found a program Free WAV To AAC Converter works great, but does not let me select my bitrate it varies by song it seems VBR.