Auphonic advice? Added hum/sibilance

Hi all,

I’m a newbie working on my first project, fyi! Audacity 2.0.5, Windows 7, using a Blue Snowball mic.

I’m playing with Auphonic as a final processing method, all I do in Audacity is noise removal, which works wonderfully. I have a lot of small files that will be edited into one with music added to various sections between vocal speech, so I want to run the final product through Auphonic for its adaptive leveler. I’ve run sample audio through.

Problem is that after running just the adaptive leveler, I’m getting a new hum in the background. I ran the noise and hum reduction which removed it, but now my sibilance is making me cringe, when it wasn’t distracting before. Overall I felt like my file sounded better before Auphonic, so is there a good way to level all of my audio in Audacity instead, or are there better Auphonic settings I could be using?

Anything helps, like I said, I’m new to audio processing. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Auphonic is a complete mystery, but you might try the Audacity Effect > Compressor or a third party effect Chris’s Compressor.

Both will change the sound levels. Chris is a bit more adaptive. It sounds more like a broadcast compressor.

Once you start messing about with two different sound manager packages, it’s rough to tell what happened.