AUP3 Files Vanishing?

Using 3.3.3 on windows 10. Save a project and verify aup3 files are there. Then come back to projects folder and aup3 files gone. Related exported wav and ogg files there, but no aup3 files.
All directories were set to the same directory, including the temp directory.
I keep as much as possible off my OS drive, so none in the default location of AppData\Local\audacity\SessionData.
No cleaner is touching that area.
I’ve now set temp as a sub folder of project folder, so maybe that will help.
My projects have not been that big – maybe 700 MB max – with 184 GB free space.
Would opening a project and then closing Audacity without saving cause this?
Has happened a couple times now, so do not think by accident… or maybe just loosing my mind (also possible).

I can’t say I’ve seen this before.

I can’t say I follow your logic on this.

No. However when you open an old project, it opens for update mode. Be sure to close the project file when you are done and give Audacity the necessary time to close it properly.

I wonder if the .aup3 files were saved to a different directory…

Thanks for the reply.
I may not have allowed enough time for saving. Just using a laptop with an AMD A10.
I’ve done a full HDD search with 3 different search apps for any *.aup3.
Win10 and 3.3.3 both 64 bit.

How long are the shows? Audacity Projects can be very large while you’re editing and then have to take a bit of time to form the final AUP3 file when you’re done and you File > Save Project > Save Project. Have you tried File > Save Project > Save Project As? As an experiment, save one show as a different name. See how the machine reacts.

The video people sometimes run into this. They have a machine that works just fine with spreadsheets, printed documents and eMail, but then falls over into the dirt when asked to do entertainment editing.

You can’t get out of jail with internet or cloud drives, either. Audacity hates those. They can be unstable and Audacity doesn’t understand that.


When was the last time you did that thorough Virus Check that takes all night? You may not be the only user on your machine.

Did you export a safety file of the recording? It’s a terrific idea to Export a perfect quality WAV file of raw recordings before you start editing. You should not have to start reading or performing all over again if something like this happens.


Just 3 or 4 audio tracks no longer than 5 minutes.
I’ll look at doing the naming experiment.
All on local HDD – OS on one partition, apps on another, and data store on another.

No one else on my machine other than those who are using tech that does not exist. Doubtful any existing virus checker is going to find stuff at that level.
I do keep Windows Defender updated.
Yes, a WAV file would be a great backup backup.
Thanks for the replies.

Partition and not folder or directory? C: \ , D: \ and E: \ ?

“It can’t possibly be that, so we’re not going to check it.” Unless you have already found the problem, you don’t know what the problem is.

But doesn’t it have a casual day-by-day activity mode and a separate “deep” mode for thorough cleaning?

Having files vanish is pretty serious.


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