.aup files

Getting error message when I go to recent files and try to reload a .aup flie to redo a take. It says file cannot be found and has been deleted.
I save all my project files on a folder on my desktop.
Any ideas?

Yes. AUP isn’t a sound file. It’s a project manager and it needs the _DATA folder with the same name.

MyMusic_data (folder)

The _data folder actually has the show in bits and pieces.

Do you have both the aup file and the _data folder?


I think I do. I have the .aup file and a folder with e00 stuff…
Not sure how or what to do to retrieve a previous take I need to make some edits on. Please tell me what I need to do.

The names are important.
What is the name of the Audacity project file (the .aup file) and what is the name of the project folder (the _data folder)?

Here’s what the open recent files show:

C:Documents and SettingsLou DDesktopstill got the blues-Lou2-mix1.aup

still got the blues-Lou2-mix1_data (this is saved in Audacity under program files)

These are the 2 files which represent a stereo backing track of still got the blues and a stereo track of me jamming to it.

Only 2 tracks

I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to open up a recent project after I close it out. can you help me understand what’s going on? This should be an easy thing to do.

thx, Lou D.

Koz, I found this in the getting started help section:
The .aup file and _data folder must always be kept together as created by Audacity. Never move or rename them or change their contents manually.

OK, so my aup file is saved to my desktop and my data folder is saved under program files, Audacity. This might be the problem.
So how do I put the data folder and aup file in the same place, and where’s the best place to keep them. Can u help me change the file paths?
Also, I use the “save project as” option and I rename it.
Should I use the “save project” option and do it that way and just import the aup file?
thx, Lou

I did a search of .aup files and a bunch came up.
I double clicked on one of the still got the blues files and it appeared in audacity and it workd fine. So I guess it’s all about organizing the files so they are all in one place. Can you help me with this? Where’s the best place for them to be?
Please read my prior post with the questions there if you can.

That is correct, and is the reason why you are having trouble opening projects.

That is the Audacity Project file.

That is the project data folder that hold the audio for the project.
When you initially save the project “still got the blues-Lou2-mix1”, Audacity would have created both the project file (,AUP) and the _data folder in the location that you selected. You must have moved one of them and not the other, so now when you try to open “still got the blues-Lou2-mix1.aup”, Audacity cannot find the data for it.
If you move the “still got the blues-Lou2-mix1_data” folder to your Desktop (so that it is in the same place as the .aup file, then the .aup file should open correctly.

A good place to keep them would be to create a folder in “My Music” for your Audacity projects. When you use “Save” or “Save As”, ensure that you have selected that folder as the destination, then you will know where to find them.

Click and hold on one and drag to wherever the other is. Is this a new computer for you?

Go (at the top of your desktop) > Home > Music (single click select the folder).
(Top of the desktop) File > New Folder. Call it whatever you want.

I use Home > Documents for everything because that’s where several programs decided to put things. I also have an extensive Desktop filesystem.