Audiotool : online virtual studio

just found this online virtual studio, (primarily to create electronic music).

e.g. :astonished: [requires flash]

What a shame it’s built on Flash :frowning:

I did think about how much of this can be done on-line, but then my internet connection snaps me back to reality. My Down is OK and I can watch YouTube videos. But my Up is Double-Dialup. When I post something to KozCo, I go make a sandwich.

It sucks, but it’s stable. I have a neighbor whose cable connection vanishes when all the other neighbors download adult entertainment at once (we’re assuming). Rough to tell a client you can’t complete a job because your neighbor is downloading “Debbie Does Detroit.”


Flash gasping for air? There was An Event a while back where several suppliers recommended, strongly, to delete Flash from your machine as a security hazard. I did.


Although I only just found Audiotool, apparently it’s been around since ~2010, Flash was the only option then.

By default* my internet provider makes my WiFi connection a public-convenience : anyone can use it.
I’m told my internet connection doesn’t slow down if someone nearby is piggy-backing via WiFi, but I’m not convinced.
{ * thankfully I can opt-out ]