AudioBox 22VSL just decided to stop overdubbing

Despite making no changes, my Audacity stopped overdubbing.

Now when I shift record to overdub a track, the playback while recording just stops, and I have to hit the stop button to even browse the track.

Hardware is an AudioBox 22VSL. Microphone icon has the audiobox selected, and playback/speaker icon has audiobox selected.
this used to work fine. Running 2.4.2 now I unistalled 2.3 thinking it might have just be broken software.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem and can help me with the correct settings I might try I will love you forever, and ever.

I did not change any settings. It was working like a top. I followed the tutorial to edit the buffer settings and it worked I was able to put tracks together with headphones. I am going to continue trying, but boy as it turns out i am very inexperienced and a veritable dinosaur with the computers and quick to frustration.

ill keep searching this forum and the youtubes and post here in the hopes a kind wizard happens upon me.

dick wolff

Check the sample rate settings in the Recording AND Playback tabs of the Windows Sound control panel. Set them both to 44100.


You are a kind and generous wizard.
You have solved my problem!

My playback was set to 48000. I thought I checked it but I must have been looking at the wrong thing because when I went in to the Windows Sound Control Panel (those key words were clutch), it corrected. Now it works like before I just need to fix the latency. But I managed that before.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.