Audio with Video?

This might be outside of the scope of Audacity but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Im doing podcasts with audio files created in Audacity. I would like to mix several video clips of the speaker as he speaks and wondered how it is done? :nerd: Can someone point me in the right direction?

Audacity doesn’t do video (it’s an audio application), though if you have FFmpeg installed you can import the audio stream from many video formats into Audacity.

Sorry but I can’t quite picture what you’re trying to do. Are you making a video podcast, or do you want to use the audio from some video files in an audio podcast, or something else?

Up till now, Ive created podcasts by recording in Audacity directly. So I now want to record into a video but edit the audio part of it in Audacity. My preferred audio format is ogg. Can you suggest a good app to do this that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

All you’re going to get from Audacity is a sound file.

Windows 10 Movie Maker?

Split sound editing can be an adventure. Have you ever done that with any software, ever?


Free …

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