Audio while editing

Hi, just downloaded Audacity and I’m looking for a easy to use programme for recording both music and speech. Have recording desk and other equipment and will be buying interface for USB input from RCA rec.out on mixer. However am present just messing about with mic directly plugged into laptop. I have recorded speech okay and can edit and and effects. However I can’t get audio while editing in pause or stop mode, ie using mouse over screen to highlight or scroll. Is this normal or have I missed something? Not much use if this is the case. Thanks for any help.

Not sure if I understand your question correctly. Audacity does not have a “scratch” facility as found in a few audio programs, but if you are wanting to just hear a short section of a track, you just need to highlight that section and press Play.

Thanks for reply. I like to edit by listening as well as see waveform. the ability to “scratch” as you mention I thought would be a basic feature to eliminate poor editing of vocals particularly. looks like I’ll have to go elsewhere. Again thanks.