Audio waves showing but intermittent sound

Windows 10 and Audacity 2.1.3

Hi, I have a recording where the waves are showing for the entire recording but at certain times audio cuts in and out on playback. I tired exporting as an mp3 and audio also cuts out on exported file.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks


Does it always cut-out at the same point? If so, I have to believe there are gaps in the recording but you may need to zoom-in on the bad spots to see them.

Usually, gaps in recording are caused by multitasking that interrupts the recording. Your computer is always multitasking, even when you’re running only one application and this can be a difficult problem to resolve.

Did you make the recording yourself with Audacity? What version of Audacity are you running? What did you record? (From the microphone in your laptop? Streaming audio? Etc?)

Really tiny gaps can be actual small flat-line segments just too tiny to see. As above, that’s not unusual for a busy computer. Use zoom to magnify the segments.

But you can also have blue waves from noise too high or low pitched to hear. Rumble (thunder or trucks passing) or ultrasonic feedback will do that.