Audio Tracks From AVCHD Clips

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
I want to create audio tracks directly from a number of AVCHD clips taken on a Panasonic camera. Some video clips were recorded solely for the sound track.
I know I could import the AVCHD clips into my video editor, then export the sound tracks as MP3 files, then edit those using Audacity, but that seems a bit of a fag!
I’ve tried importing the AVCHD clips directly into Audacity using the “Import Raw” option, trying several different settings, but I haven’t found one yet that works.
Any suggestions?

Audacity does not natively support AVCHD but you may (I’ve not tested) be able to import the files if you install FFMpeg (see here:
If that does not work, use your video editor to export as a WAV file. MP3 encoding will lose a lot more sound quality than exporting as WAV.

Thanks for that - will give it a try and I’ll be back with a report.