Audio track from Vegas pro 15

Hi I have just started using Audacity 2.2.2. and have been following a tutorial about using Audacity as my audio editor to work on the audio tracks from a video. It says to right click on the audio track and use (open in audio editor). When I do this the track opens in Audacity but when I play it the sound is all wrong. It sounds like it is playing in slow motion, or two out of sync tracks playing together. I have tried other audio tracks from my computer and they play perfectly. I am using a PC with Windows 7. What kind of rookie mistake am I making??

I’ve never used Vegas. Does Magix (or Sony) suggest a particular audio editor?

It could be a sample rate problem. Try changing the sample rate (lower left corner of the Audacity window) to match the actual sample rate of the file, or to match the setting in Vegas. (Normally sample-rate conversion is not a problem but things might be getting fouled-up by running Audacity from inside Vegas.)

I’m pretty sure Vegas has a built-in audio editor. (But maybe there is more than one version of Vegas?)

There should be a way to export a WAV file from Vegas. Then you can open the WAV in Audacity (running Audacity in the usual way as a stand-alone application). And of course, you can import the edited WAV back-into Vegas to re-combine with the video.

Or, you can simply open the audio/video file in Audacity (you’ll just get the audio). Then, you can re-import the audio into Vegas. (Depending on the A/V format you may have to install the optional Audacity FFmpeg Import/Export library.)

Of course, when editing separately you can’t “cut & paste” or do anything that affects the timing or length of the audio file.