audio-technica turntable usb to computer problem

i have the above turntable. it works going thru an stereo system. trying to use it via the usb to computer does not.
once connected and using youtube(as advised by audio tech support) the sound can not be heard!! playback function,when plugged into PC shows speakers as USB Audio Codec. when selecting recording function menu states:
No audio devices installed. i have spent many days trying to fix this problem. if you have citrix(take over my PC) and fix problem i would pay or donate.
thank you.
BTW–the turntable has a preamp----i can barely hear the music.

Do you have a laptop or a desktop/tower with a regular-old soundcard? (If you have a desktop/tower you can optionally use line-in instead of USB.)

Before starting Audacity, right-click on the Windows speaker/volume icon, go to Recording Devices, and check to see if “USB something…” shows-up, and make sure it’s enabled.

If Windows can’t see the turntable, try a different USB cable and maybe a different USB port.

If Windows finds it, set the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u] and your speakers as your playback device.

BTW–the turntable has a preamp----i can barely hear the music.

Through your stereo? Your turntable might have a phono/line switch to bypass the preamp. The “line” setting should enable the preamp so you can connect to a the Aux/Line/Tape inputs on a modern stereo system.

Thanks for the info. i tried a different port and used realtech hd 2 playback and for recording i used line in and somehow it worked(although the line in shows the three RCA plugs)?? so i finished and closed down. went to use it
again,with no change in settings and vu meters show activity—no sound? then noticed at bottom of screen there
was a Stopped message went and hit play and it burped but went back to stopped???
thank you.