Audio Technica ATR2500 microphone makes a POP sound

I am using Audacity version 2.1.3 (.exe) and my microphone is an Audio Technica ATR2500 USB condenser microphone. I have read about how many people have fixed the problem by lowering their microphone boost, but I don’t even have that to begin with. I set my microphone as my default device for recording and I changed the bit rate from 41,000 to 48,000 which changes it from CD quality to DVD quality. I also set my sample rate on Audacity to be 48,000 so that they would both be equal, I even tried using the Windows WASAPI audio and it did record, but when I clicked play it gave me an error message. I have always recorded using the format MME. This is honestly driving me crazy because in the 10 months that I had my microphone it never acted like this and just today it went crazy, I tried using Click Removal and left it on the default 200 threshold and the max spike width is at 40. I use a 32-bit float audio which is what I’ve always been using, I used to own a Samson Go microphone and it had the same annoying clicking sound and so I got the ATR2500, but now it’s just the same as the Samson Go mic. If someone could explain what to do in very simple terms that would be much appreciated.

Would deleting Audacity and downloading it again help?

Something like this?

Are you set for Auto Windows Update? There are pages of Google hits of Windows 10 updates messing with audio services and systems. Anything in that post help?

Have you ever done a cold shutdown? Shift-Shutdown. It will take longer, but Windows halts and resets more things than in a regular shutdown. Long Shutdown complaints were “fixed” by leaving some services set and running during a restart. That’s not useful if you have something wrong.

Did you recently change software? Anything, whether or not it has sound in it? New Game?

Can you make it worse? Is there anything you can do that seems to make the noise worse—or change the problem? I’m interested in your impression of the noise after the cold restart.

Open and leave open Windows Task Manager. You’re looking for stuff running at the same time or with a higher priority than Audacity. I recently had odd operation problems and it turned out background Firefox was “stuck” on a download animation management process and taking up gigs of memory doing it. There are Adobe Registration processes that can slowly take over your machine, quietly in the background.


I don’t see anything remarkable in there.
Screenshot (5).png

Well, I have the problem fixed, it was never the microphone but rather my crappy audio driver, thank you for your help though!

Thanks for posting back with the solution.

A note: If you reinstall Windows Audacity, look for the reset preferences check box. Check it.