Audio Tape Phase Alignment

I want to know how to correct the typical “phase out of alignment” problem when we convert audio from magnetic tapes (reels, cartridges or cassettes).
I know this problem is a mechanical problem (azimuth of the recording and playback heads doesn’t match), but… I could do it with the “Phase Shifted” tool of the old Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro!!! So…
Where is this tool into Audacity? ???
If it doesn’t have it… Why not to create a Plug-In to do it, please? ???

Quiero saber cómo corregir el típico “desalineamiento de fase” cuando convertimos audio desde cintas magnetofónicas (carretes, cartuchos o minicajuelas).
Sé que este problema es un problema mecánico (el acimut de los cabezales de grabación y reproducción no coinciden), pero… ¡¡¡Podía corregir esto con la herramienta de “Corrección de Fase” del antiguo programa Cool Edit Pro de Syntrillium!!! Así es que…
¿Dónde se encuentra esta herramienta en Audacity? ???
Y, si no la tiene… ¿Por qué no crear un Añadido para conseguir esto, por favor? ???
¡¡¡Dios les bendiga!!!

You can probably make the tool using existing parts.

Azimuth does two things: it muffles the sound because any one sound track doesn’t “fit” under the head any more which distorts high frequencies worse than low, and it throws off the timing between left and right racks. Equalization could be difficult because that can fight with tape noise, but you can fix timing. Use track management under that little arrow to the left of the track > Split Stereo Track.

Select one track and magnify it to pieces so you can see the differences between the blue waves.

Then Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push one track earlier and later until they match. Try to move the bottom track, not the top one.

It’s possible that Cool Edit had all this in one tool. I can open mine up later and look.


Recombine the two tracks into one stereo track and export when you’re done.


Thnak you so much for your ideas!!!

I know that time shift isn’t the whole solution to the tape azimuth problem, but… IT SOUNDS GOOD!!!


Thanks a lot, buddy!!!