Audio Strech Help

Hello, I have a ~0.3s bite of sound that I am attempting to modulate into multiple copies of the sound, but with exact pitches and lengths.
I have tried to change the pitch of the bite and then the tempo, but It always comes up short.
Here is what I am doing:
What am I doing wrong?

To change only the tempo without changing pitch, use Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift instead of Change Tempo. Change Tempo tends to introduces silences which will be significant in a very short clip.

If you want to change the pitch as well as tempo, use Change Speed. The formula for length changes using Change Speed is given in the Manual: .

Change Pitch by definition changes the pitch without changing tempo, so will not produce the length change you want (though it will introduce small unwanted length changes or silences).

The issues with Change Tempo and Change Pitch are limitations in the third-party library we use for those effects.


P.S. The Change Tempo/Change Pitch library we use (called SoundTouch) has been updated for the next 2.0.6 release, so will give a somewhat better result in 2.0.6 than the result in your image. If you use Change Tempo on your 0.19 seconds of audio, it will extend to 0.7 seconds, but with some parts after 0.45 seconds silenced.