Audio sounds grainy when playing in audacity but normal when listening to the original

I imported (not sure if that’s the right term) audio into audacity from voice memos and it sounds super distorted/scratchy when I listen to in audacity but sounds normal in voice memos. Not sure if there is something I’m doing wrong or what. It is not the only piece of audio that sounds like that, but the other ones are also from voice memos.

voice memo recordings can have a low sample rate.
Audacity changes the project-sample-rate to the same as the first audio imported into the project. Low sample-rate audio sounds lo-fi.
i.e. check the Audacity project sample-rate is at least 22050Hz for speech only, (& 44100Hz if your project includes music).

Do you know the format? If not, check it with MediaInfoOnline.

It might be an “unusual” format and maybe Audacity isn’t decoding it properly.

Or maybe you can find a utility to convert it to regular WAV.

It shows it’s at 24000hz?

I converted it to WAV format already

8-bit depth scratchy ? …

I’m not sure, it can go past 58 bz

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