Audio Setup > Playback Device selection does not work

Running Audacity 3.5.1 on macOS 14.5 on a Mac Studio 2023 with M2 chip and 64GB memory. Connected to the Mac Studio with USB-C are four displays: three Apple Studio Displays and one ViewSonic VP3256-4K display.

In Audacity, I open an existing audio file. When I play the file, the sound comes out of the speaker in my rightmost Apple Studio Display. I attempt to change the output device to a different studio display but nothing happens. Here’s how I tried to change the output device:

  1. With the playback stopped (not paused), click on Audio Setup. This brings up a dropdown menu with several items.

  2. From the dropdown menu, select Playback Device. This brings up a submenu with six choices:
    Studio Display Speakers
    Studio Display Speakers
    Studio Display Speakers
    Mac Studio Speakers
    Microsoft Teams Audio
    By selecting any of the three appearances of Studio Display Speakers in the list, I should be able to move the audio output to any of my three Apple Studio Displays.

  3. Selecting any of the three Studio Display Speakers options always sends the output sound to the same Studio Display (in my case, the rightmost display).

  4. This bug has persisted through the last few Audacity releases.

Filed on GitHub: Audio Setup > Playback Device selection does not work · Issue #6699 · audacity/audacity · GitHub