Audio section replacement with looped sample


I have a question: How can I replace some selected sections of my audio with a noise sample (that I have) so that the sample always fills the whole selected section but also doesn’t extend it (I need to keep the original duration of the replaced section). It means that the sample should be looped when its shorter than the section or it should be cut when longer. (That is why normal copy+paste doesn’t work)

Hope this is understandable. Thanks a lot.

Maybe someone else knows how, but as far as I know you’ll have to take care of the timing manually…

And it’s probably “easier” mute & mix rather than copy & paste. That way, the overall timing of your original file won’t be changed. Mixing also gives you the option of using a short crossfade for smoother splices/transitions (at the cost of a couple extra steps).

And if you need to loop the “noise” I’d loop it an advance, making it too long, and then trim it (or trim a copy of it) to fit.

FYI - GoldWave ($45 USD) can do something like that. It has a Censor function. It won’t automatically loop, but if the “fill-in” is longer than the selected “hole”, it will automatically trim the fill-in to fit your selection.

I wrote a plug-in for doing this. It is available here:
The only instructions for using the effect are in that forum topic.
Instructions for installing are here:

Thank you both very much! :smiley: