Audio repeating itself

I’m new to the forums, and this is more of a generic issue than one specific to Windows 10, but that’s my OS.

I recorded some audio from Skype using a program called Evaer. When I put it into audacity (this also happened with the native file), the audio from other people in the chat repeated itself on say a half-second delay so you could hear their voice again while their original comment kept on going, if you can follow what I mean. This hasn’t happened before, and it came from how the audio was recorded, that I know.

Is there a clean way to use Audacity to fix these problems, or is the audio not salvageable?

Since Audacity can’t split apart a show into individual voices or instruments, you’re stuck.

Do you know what happened? Audacity not recommended for recording Skype and sometimes other apps aren’t either. One problem is Skype changes its services with no notice.

Search for “Suddenly, Skype [some evil behavior].”

I sometimes wonder if Skype has a recorder APP and charges a million dollars for it. That’s where their company is getting all its money. They let everything settle down for a month or so and then make a tiny change to sound management that rakes all the other APPs away.

Well golly. If you had been using Skype Recorder, this wouldn’t happen.
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Pamela for Windows was going great guns there for a while and was recommended for Skype recording. Then suddenly, it wasn’t.

The only sure thing I know of is a small mixer, a Skype computer and a separate recorder. Trying to get one computer to deal with Skype communications and a separate mixed show causes all the problems.


It hadn’t happened before with this software (coming from a third party) and Skype, but it did now because Skype updated itself and Evaer is just now compatible with it. It’s bizarre.

I only asked because I thought maybe there was a way to fix this in editing with a few tricks but it’s not. Oh well.

It’s a common request for us to “just pull one instrument out,” of a mixed performance or “just split this song into parts.”

Almost never.

The only way you personally can tell what’s going on it’s you have hearing and mental interpretation going for you. You know what a voice is. As far as Audacity is concerned, that mish-mash is one single sound. Mostly, it doesn’t even know it’s a voice, much less two.

Skype updated itself

That’s what kills productions. “This worked last week.”

It’s bizarre.

It’s perfectly normal.

I did it with two computers and a small mixer.

That wasn’t posed which is why it looks like an explosion in a wire factory. The Skype computer is on the right and the computer on the left is recording the mix and playing the music. That one can be a simple recorder. What it can’t be is running on the right-hand computer.

Skype updates make no difference.

The split recording technique is how many people with reliable podcasts do it. It’s also, as a side note, how Broadcasters do it.

If you find another software package you like, post back.