Audio Recording Issue

Im having an issue with Audacity, not sure how to go about it, but

Say im going over a 9 minute video, and i do a voice over for that 9 minutes.

The recorded audio ends in 15 minutes even if i start and stop the exact same time the 9 minute video starts and stops.

How do i fix this?

I match the khz to my Mic, its an xternal usb, but came with an external usb sound card i dont use.

What does it sound like when you play it back?

The sound is fine, there is no alteration to it, in the section that says “Audio position”, its like counts faster than normal time.

Cause ill put the Audio clip in the program Filmora with the 9 minute video and its like slightly over 15 minutes of audio. ive watched the video on filmora and exported in the a normal file and played through the windows media player and its like 4 seconds more each 1 second to filmora or windows

Does this have anything to do with audiobooks?

Have you timed it with a watch to see how long it really is?

My guess is that Filmora is counting the time too fast. I’m also guessing that it is doing that because you exported from Audacity as VBR MP3, and Filmora doesn’t handle VBR MP3 properly.

If Filmora will accept WAV format, then probably best to export from Audacity as WAV.

Timed through a phone’s stop watch no, and i do WAV when i export the audio cause it cant find some library or something for mp3s or something so exporting to WAV just does it without issue.

But how can this kinda issue happen? Even if it is filmora? Lol im already trying to contact them for an issue with their program. Speaking of which, thank you for responding!

I got an email back from Filmora, and tested the time against a youtube video and Audacity was in sync, and did the fix for my issue with filmora this morning, and it was now in sync, so even tho i used WAV from the start, i still think you were right in thinking it was still Filmora, CURRENTLY, its fixed. I will test today. And if an issue with Audacity, not filmora lol. Arises, then ill be in touch :slight_smile:! Thank you very much with gettnig back to my quickly in my opinion, it is much appreciated!