Audio quality issue

Hi, I am running Audacity 2.3.3 on Mac OS 10.15.3 Catalina.

I have learned how to use my MAC terminal to enable recording on Audacity, but I am not able to achieve the audio quality I’ve always enjoyed, even with the same settings and equipment.

I have an external USB mic and headset system (headset plugs into the mic, not into the Mac) and have both the MAC and the Audacity input and output settings mapped to the external USB device. However, when I playback what I’ve recorded, it sounds like I am recording from the internal mic… that is, there is a lot of “roominess” and echo, as though I am standing far away from the mic, even though it is only inches away. It almost sounds as though my internal mic is picking up the record, but I can see that my external is registering in the input.

Even after applying noise reduction, reducing the gain, and experimenting with various effects, I can’t get rid of the echo of it. I keep wondering if there is some other way to disable my internal mic to make sure it is not recording, but I don’t see anything. i’ve watched many YouTube videos and read through Audacity manual, but haven’t found anything that helps.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


If you gently tap the external mic, then the computer, whilst recording, it will be come apparent on playback which of the two you’re recording from, (the volume of the tapping noise on playback will give the game away).

No, I know it is definitely coming in through them external microphone, but either is it also coming through the internal one (which I don’t think is possible; I believer the internal mic is disabled when you are mapped to the external one). But it sounds like I am recording from far away. There is a lot of room space in the playback that I don’t hear through the headset when I am recording.

Any ideas?