Audio processing of MAC .mov files

I am new to Audacity. I need to spectral analyze MAC (.mov) video 20-second soundtracks. I use Aiseesoft to convert .mov to .mp4. When I import the .mp4 file to Audacity only the first one or two seconds is imported. How can I import longer tracks so that I can to analyze the mid segments?

MAC OS Mojave V. 10.14.5./ Audacity V. 2.3.0. /Aiseesoft Video Converter V. 9.2.20

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That’s really strange… Have you tried other converters?

If you install [u]the FFmpeg import/export library[/u] you can directly open/import most formats. (You’ll “extract” the audio from an A/V file.)

What happens if you try to import the MOV file?

You can also use a converter for Mac as an option, you can easily tweak the audio in the process for the later import to Audacity, I prefer Movavi: [Advertising is not permitted on this forum]