Audio playthrough broken and not working

Hello, I am an aspiring voice over artist and am attempting to start practicing doing voice overs, however all my coaches have told me I should have my recording software settings such that I can hear my voice while I record.
I have attempted to do this with audacity however it seems to be broken.
I have been told that what I need to do is to go into preferences and recording and then select “Software playthrough of Input” and deselect “Play other tracks while recording (overdub)”
However, both of these settings don’t seem to do anything, and no matter what combination of things I select, I cannot hear my voice while I record.
I have also been told to go into my device settings and turn on “Listen to this device” for my microphone, and while this does technically work, it is universal, meaning regardless of whether I have Audacity open or not, regardless of what I’m doing, I can hear everything from my microphone.
This basically means that every time I want to do some work, I would have to go into the bowels of control panel to turn this functionality on and then again to turn it off every time I want to record something.
This should not be how it works, does anyone have any suggestions as to why it’s not working?

The only thing I can think-of is to make sure you have selected the correct Playback Device. For example, if you’re using a USB microphone it may be trying to use the mic for playback/monitoring.

Note that there is always SOME latency (delay) through the computer. If you can’t get the latency low enough to be unnoticeable it can be difficult to “perform” with a delay-echo in your headphones.

The best option is usually direct-hardware monitoring where the monitoring path doesn’t go through the computer. There are audio interfaces with direct-hardware monitoring, or USB mixers. ( Audio interfaces & mixers only work with “pro” stage studio mics, not “computer mics”.)

Or there are USB “podcast mics” (like the Blue Yeti) that have a headphone jack and direct-hardware monitoring.

Yep… that’s what it is, thank you so much for actually reading the post too.
I was half expecting dozens of comments going “TrY GoInG iNtO pReFeReNcEs aNd sElEcTiNg sOfTwArE pLaYtRhoUgh”
That’s fixed my problem, thanks a bunch dude!

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