Audio Plays Back Loud Buzzing Noise, Exports Fine

When playing back audio in Audactiy now, it is like a loud buzzing noise. Worked fine a few updates ago. It is like this for all audio imported, and when exported it sounds normal. Wasn’t sure how to explain it to try and find another thread with this issue

Video of the problem -

Windows 10

Audacity 3.2.3 but it has done this for the past few updates

If you think this was caused by a recent Audacity update, you can try downloading an older version here:

So basically there is no way to fix this besides trying to downgrade?

I have heard no similar reports - so I don’t think this is caused by Audacity; I think you have some hardware or radio (including microwave) interference - perhaps a grounding connection or transformer leakage issue. However, you said it worked fine a few Audacity updates ago - which means you feel Audacity updates might be contributing to the problem. So logically the next step is to verify your assumption - try downloading the older version of Audacity and see if it goes away.

Perhaps someone else can provide more ideas.

Interference wouldn’t make any sense since the microphone works perfectly fine with other programs, the only issue is with audacity. I tried reinstalling, and installing an old version and it’s still the same.


Causing a playback issue? I would be looking for a speaker problem. Again, perhaps someone else can help. :slight_smile:

i’m not sure what to even do to fix this. even with the newest update it does the same thing. my speakers work fine on every other program besides audacity. same noise when playing back through headphones and through my monitor