audio pass-through

Hi! :slight_smile: I have a keyboard and microphone amp that i want to go through my computer and pass through to my receiver via audacity.

How can i make audacity take the audio and merely pass it through to the output to the receiver? If audacity can’t do this, what program can?

Install Audacity and open it up. Using the Device Toolbar, select your input and output ‘devices’.

Audacity Preferences > Recording > [X] Playthrough

Click once in the red recording meters and the monitoring system should wake up and pass your voice through the program.

This is all assuming your computer has a proper interface with your music equipment. You can’t plug in the Stereo Line-Out of a mixer into a laptop Mic-In – as a rule.

Most headphone outputs will go right into a music amplifier, so that part should be OK.


I should warn you that Audacity will not apply any effects in real time. It’s straight pass through.


That is exactly what i want. Thank you.