Audio Mic Settings

I am new to podcasting and Audacity. On my audio settings I do not see my new Audio-technica mic routed through my Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Instead on the recording setting the device is Microphone Array (Realtek (R) Audio). Is this correct?

It should say "Focusrite, or at least “USB… something”.

…The microphone array and the Realek soundchip are what’s built-into your laptop.

Right Click on the Windows speaker/volume icon and select Open sound Settings to make sure Windows is seeing the Focusrite. If Windows finds it, Audacity should find it and you should be able to select it as your recording and/or playback device. If Windows doesn’t find it, you’ll probably have to re-install the drivers (or try another USB cable).

You may also have to check some privacy settings to allow Audacity to use it.

And if you start Audacity before plugging-in the Focusrite, you’ll have to re-start Audacity or Rescan Audio Devices from Audacity’s Audio Setup Menu.

Thank you DVDdoug. I will let you know.


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