Audio latency problems!

Audio latency…HELP! I’ve been using Audacity with a Blue Yeti mic, on a mac book pro - and everything worked perfectly for the first four years. In the last year, I have audio latency when I start recording. It’s driving me insane…I’ve watched a zillion or so youtube videos on how to fix it, and so far, nothing has worked! I’ve read that some people have gone back to older versions of Audacity, and that worked. I guess I’m asking either, how to fix the audio latency itself…or, how can I install and older version of Audacity!!! Any help would be soooooo appreciated!!!

Let’s say you’re listening with wired headphones plugged into your Yeti like you’re supposed to. You will hear your live voice (assume voice) in perfect, real time with good quality. You will also hear the overdubbing or backing track playing back from Audacity if you have a drum or other rhythm track.

Now lets say you clicked on Preferences > Recording > [X]Playthrough by accident. Audacity will receive your voice, turn it around, and send it back to your headphones, but one computer late late late.


Now let’s say you have your wired or wireless/bluetooth headphones connected to the computer instead of plugged into the Yeti like you’re supposed to. You will always hear your live voice one computer late late late.

There are some special software or drivers that can get around this, but they mess with the sound pathways and are not recommended.


Apple Earbuds are not recommended for actual production. They were handy, pretty for the photo, and illustrate the point.


The forum doesn’t like shot-gunning messages like this, but…tough.

If we hit something that works, post back and tell us. This is a forum with users helping each other not a Help Desk.


Thanks so much! What I found that worked is, I downloaded an older version of Audacity. (3.1.3) That seems to have done the trick! I don’t know why the newer versions seem to have the audio latency issue - but it has been months since I could record successfully…I’m just grateful that the older version works!!!

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