Audio is really tinny and quiet - please help urgently!

Basically, i’ve been trying to record voiceovers, and everything went fine up until just now where my sound goes really quiet and tinny after a few seconds. I’ve searched around but found no answer, and i’ve tried everything- equalising, changing it from mono to stereo, but i’m stuck. please help!

Which microphone and how is it connected to the computer? What kind of computer? Laptop?

It’s never worked, right? Modern Windows comes with a whole shed of settings and configurations you have to deal with for quality recording.

Do you have wired headphones?

Quiet, echo-free room? That room business is big deal. Everybody goes straight for the microphone, but you should deal with the room (studio) first.

Do you use Zoom, Skype or other chat or communications program?

Do you use Cloud Storage?


OK, lemme see if i can answer each of those questions.

I have a Predator PH317-52 laptop, and it’s built in to my pc, i don’t know what kind of mic it is.

It worked right up until yesterday, one thing i did notice is that before, the waves are quite large but now they’re pretty much non-existent.

I don’t have any headphones.

I record in my bedroom, which is quite small, and quiet, and there aren’t really any echoes.

I don’t use any communications programs, but i do have Windows Media Player open while i record voiceover.

I don’t use Cloud Storage.


Try this:

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. Wait for it to fully reboot - do not open any programs.
  3. Launch Audacity and make a test recording.

What happens?

By the way, built-in laptop mics are not really good enough for professional sounding voice over recording. Some are just about good enough for YouTube, but many (including my laptop mic) are rubbish.