Audio is really low

So just about an hour ago it was recording perfectly, the audio level was great and I tested out the normalize effect on it and even then it sounded good. After closing Audacity and opening it back up I did a voice recording and it was really low. But when I tried the normalize effect on it the audio just blew up and it sound distorted. I never played around with any of the other stuff on Audacity, just the normalize effect. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

USB microphone? Maker? Laptop computer? Fill in the stuff from the pink band above.


When you make a recording, the red sound meters should jump and the timeline should make blue waves that indicate the sound volume. If you don’t get something that looks a lot like this…

…then you are probably making a poor recording. I make my sound meters larger than normal and you can too. Grab the right meter edge and pull sideways.

If you have a USB microphone and it became disconnected, then Audacity may “lose it.” Restart Audacity or Transport > Rescan.

Find the microphone again in the Device Toolbar.


And continue recording.