Audio is louder when uploaded as an Instagram reel

I’m using Windows 11 / Audacity 3.2.1
I record using Blue Yeti Condenser Mic
I noticed that the audio sounds louder or different in a way I can’t describe when I upload to Instagram or Facebook reels, could anyone please check and help me identify the problem? the drive link is the original reel where I used the audio as exported by Audacity as WAV, I only applied noise reduction before exporting, and second the link is for the reel on Instagram.

thanks for your time guys, appreciate your help.

The website hosting the file will sometimes will adjust the volume when they transcode it, (yours seems too quiet to me).

Instagram have turned down the treble a tiny bit …
Instagram have low-pass 12kHz.gif
Like I said your audio seems too quiet to me. It’s fixable …
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