Audio interference using Focusrite Scarlett solo with Audacity 2.3.0

Having audio issues with Audacity using the Focusrite scarlett solo. back ground Buzzing noise when a run or move my mouse over in around all programs and browser internet as well. audio interference i would say.
Win7 home addition, Intel (R) CORE ™ i3 cpu
550 @ 3.20 ghz 64 bit

Anyone could help or suggest anything would help me, thanks!

It’s probably noise getting into the Scarlett’s preamp through the USB power. You might try a powered USB hub (a hub with it’s own AC power supply). …There still could be noise but hopefully it will be better.

It’s usually recommended not to use a hub with an audio device but I think it’s OK if you don’t plug other stuff into the hub, forcing sharing of the computer’s USB port. And, it might solve your problem.

A different computer could be less noise or more noisy, but I assume your computer is more noisy than average since most Scarlett users don’t complain about noise. And, a different interface would be more or less sensitive to noise, or an interface that has a separate power supply would be immune to USB power noise.

Post some of the noise.

USB interface noise is not that unusual, but it usually confines itself to “affordable” USB microphones with little or no filtering for the five volt battery signal coming up the USB wires. It’s called Mosquito Whine or Yeti Curse from the microphone most afflicted.

It’s so common (how common is it, Johnny), it’s so common we have a custom filter for it. If it’s not too bad, that may be all you need. The only other known option is change the computer.

It’s super unusual for interfaces with 48 volt phantom power to have this problem because the maker is required to process and clean the USB connection in order to make the phantom power work. That’s what makes me think you actually have some other problem.

It’s also possible your computer is so ratty that it can’t support the Solo—or any other interface.


When I unplug the scarlett from the usb hub, it goes away. My computer was overall very quite before I purchased and received it.
Nothing is plugged into all other usb hubs. I have the scarlett plugged into rear usb port.
no other preamps or florescent lights are around my computer. This is weird. However it has not effect with my guitar recording.

kozikowski -
see attached audio noise .wav file
I have tried everything, isolating my desktop to another wall outlet, unplugging both the monitor and computer from the surge protector outlet.
plugging the monitor and computer in separate wall outlets. I had an old emu404 sound card in the computer which I quit using years ago. Of which I removed that as well, plus uninstalled the drivers and program my hard drive.
Could it possibly be the RCA cables that run from the scarlett output to the monitors I use. I’m using the Rokit5’s
i have the scarlett plugged into the rear usb port. no other USB devices plugged in. I disconnected my external usb hard drive.
it’s bare bones now. still the NOISE !! eRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
lOOKS AS IF I MAY HAVE TO BUY A NEW computer, maybe a laptop for complete dedicated audio recording.
Years ago back in 2004 i was running XP and using the emu404 sound card. I was using Acid Pro 4 and then 5.
however up until 2010 i quit recording. Now I want to get back in the groove, and have a road block now. I’m surprised this does not effect my test recordings. I don’t hear any noise on playback or after I render them to .wav or mp3’s.
Hope this sound bite helps.
Appreciate all the input you can offer.

Thank you for the clip. I think I can say it’s not “normal” Yeti curse.

But I think the two noises are related.

I think either the USB cable or the USB connection itself is damaged. You have symptoms of USB damage, analog microphone hum, and signal leakage between different wires in the cable. Oddly, there are relatively few things that can cause that much damage. On a Scientific Wild-Ass Guess I’d say you have an open shield on the USB cable or the USB shield connection at the computer is gone.

Can you try a different cable and/or different socket on the computer? Single, good quality cable between the Solo and the computer, please, and not longer than 2M, 6Ft.

Yes, it could be a broken Solo, but that’s super not likely.


One more. Start a recording with everything connected and adjusted as normal. Announce you’re going to turn all the Solo knobs all the way down, and then do it. Post it.

This is me doing situational troubleshooting—blind—across multiple timezones. Yes! [pumping fist].


Hello Koz,
Basically what I have done is disconnected since the RCA cables are not balanced and were plugged from the output scarlett to the input Rokit RCA unbalanced. That is Bang! no noise now! What I do now is monitor thru headphones while recording, and use computer onboard sound for play back in Rokit monitor speakers. Works great, no noise.
I may use the scarlett solo for awhile and then sell. More than likely I will upgrade to the Focusrite 2i2 with the 1/4" outputs that will plug into my Rokit balanced outputs.
Thanks again for your help!