Audio Interface recognized but no audio

I am using an M-Audio Fast Track Pro, windows 7 64 bit Home Premuim SP1, Asus A53E laptop, and Audacity 2.x. The Fast Track does work on my XP box and an older version of Audacity loaded on it, so I know it’s not my Microphone (Rode NT1-A) or the interface.

When I initially installed the Fast Track it was recognized but no audio resulted, but there seemed to be driver conflicts between the Realtek audio drivers and the M-AUdio drivers, so I disabled the drivers. Now, I still have the same issue.

Any ideas?


In Windows 7, don’t you get a little sound meter in the Sound Control Panel as a diagnostic aid and help in troubleshooting?

The first thing that Audacity does when it wakes up is ask Windows what sound services and devices are available. If your sound device isn’t in there waving, then Audacity is out of luck.

Apparently, the Sound Track is available in multiple different versions. Does yours claim four channel digital output? That could be where the conflict is. Stereo is built in and nobody has to think about it too hard. Sometimes we get stereo services launching at the wrong time it’s so easy to do, but multi-channel takes special drivers and arrangements.


I’m not sure how stereo or four track relates, but Audacity does see the device . . . it simply isn’t getting a signal. It records a blank track.

However, there may be an issue with the device as when I record in Audacity 2.0.0 on my PC with XP it starts clipping at .5 and -.5. it refuses to record a full signal (1, -1).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Drivers are important, and M-Audio and Realtek drivers should not conflict - on what basis did you think there was a conflict?

These are the M-Audio drivers you should be using: .

Are you recording with just one input connected to Fast Track and Audacity set to record in mono (one channel) in Device Toolbar?

This often means the track will be recorded at 0.5 because Audacity treats this as half of a “stereo pair” recording device at half volume, rather than as an individual channel at maximum volume. If this is the case, try choosing stereo recording in Audacity, then use the Track Drop-Down Menu to split the stereo track into two mono channels. Then delete the empty channel using the [X] on the Track Control Panel.


I’m using the M-Audio Fast Track Pro with a LUNA2 microphone on Windows 8 64bit with driver version v6.0.7 (“Install M-Audio FastTrackPro 6_0_7_Win7-64bitSP1.exe”)

I struggled for a few days understanding the product and still run into config issues. However, I still have 1 issue while recording that it creates a pop as if there’s a mobile phone nearby. This might be a compatibility issue because the recording works fine in my other applications as well as when using the onboard sound card.

Try the following:

  1. Have the Fast Track Pro switched on before Windows boot up. Make sure your mic is plugged in input 1 and the phantom 48V power is on(if your mic requires it) and all volume controls are set to the minimum value before switching on the device. While Windows is booting or before you open any audio applications on the device open up the microphone recording volume to max and the signal light above the mic 1 volume knob should flicker if it picks up audio via the microphone. If not, then continue to step 2.
  2. I noticed if I use my normal Creative mic that is not XLR, it does not pickup audio. Still investigating why this is so,but low on my priority list.
  3. Check your A/B setting on the Fast Track device. I spend a good time improving my 4 letter vocabulary just to realize this.
  4. When I had this same issue once I uninstalled and re-installed the drivers of the Fast Track Pro device and it worked. Follow the instructions carefully. I think you have to unplug the device when installing the drivers.
  5. Before opening Audacity, open your Windows audio settings and switch your Play and Recording defaults to the m-audio and not the sound card. This should elliminate any concerns regarding conflicting devices.
  6. When Audicity is open double check the input and output under the meters.
  7. If things still does not work try other tools such as Anvil Studio(it works for me so I even purchased it afterwards) or even the software that came bundled with the Fast Track device. Try a different mic if you can find one, if not it will be mroe difficult to pin-point your problem. I heard that people damaged their mic and devices using poor quality DC adapters for phantom power and unplugging cables while the device was on.

Hope this guides you a little in finding the root of the problem. If you get it to work, please let us know what the problem was so we can all learn from this.

Good luck

Thank you Gale! You were correct about recording in stereo. I thought there was a conflict because intermittently It would record something VERY faintly. I don’t know what was causing that, but it appears to be working now. Also, apparently it all seems to be working; however, I have noticed that the volume is not linear. As I get near the highest settings it increases exponentially, to where the slightest adjustment will either result in picking up perfectly or clipping at a whisper. I guess I’ll just have to get used to that.