Audio input suddenly goes tinny and distorted when recording starts

I’ve had years of recording without audio input distortion. Now after a couple seconds, the sound reverts to that awful tinny sound like what can happen if you do the Noise Reduction function and if it’s a high amount of scratchiness you need to remove the audio goes tinny. The only thing I can think of that changed from sounding fine to this input distortion is my plugging in my voice microphone attachment so I could recording snow closing greetings on the Nextiva software. Before then I did an audio recording with my voice. After that, when I returned to recording from my turntable or other audio devices, this began happening. The first two seconds sound normal and then the tinny sound takes over. Using my voice microphone for other uses, mainly over Discord, has necessitated changes in input volume etc. and I’ve had to sometimes re-adjust things on Audacity when I resume using it. The best I can do to salvage recordings is either Amplify or Boost Bass but that isn’t a substantial solution.

Wow, after a little research I may have solved this. Looks like trusty Windows kicked in “Enhancements”. Turned that sucker off and problem solved.

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