Audio glitching with focusrite 2i2

We have been having a really strange problem with our equipment recently and the strangest part is that the problem is constantly intermittent. One week everything works fine and the next we have the problem at different locations and on different PC’s.

I’ve attached an audio sample and a visual of the spectral frequency display from Adobe Audition.

If anyone has any thought on what could possibly be the problem I would greatly appreciate the help, this has been super difficult to figure out mainly because it can be so intermittent. If anyone wants information on settings don’t hesitate to ask.


Try increasing the [u]Latency / Buffer Length[/u].

(I’m pretty sure your interface has zero-latency hardware monitoring, so longer latency shouldn’t matter for you.)

And, don’t run any other applications while recording and try to minimize any background operations.

Usually glitches are related to multi-tasking (and your operating system is always multitasking even if you’re only running one application. …When you record the audio data flows into a buffer at a smooth-constant rate. When the operating system gets-around to it, the buffer is read and the data is written to the hard drive in a quick-burst. If something hogs the CPU & data bus for a few milliseconds too long your buffer overflows and you get a glitch.

A bigger buffer helps (to a point) and faster computer helps because it completes the background tasks faster.

It also helps if you record at a lower sample rate (less data to deal with) but you shouldn’t have to record at 20,050Hz. Did you record at 20,050 or did you re-sample?