Audio gets quieter and louder

So I’m recording a rap song on my computer and the audio is distorted. I’m over dubbing over a track with really heavy bass. When the track it quiet, like in a lull in the beat, my audio is really loud, but when the track is loud with high bass and stuff, my audio is really quiet. Using a p120 compression microphone

Do you mean an “AKG P120 Condenser microphone”?

Check that Windows Sound Enhancements are all turned off.
(See: Why do my recordings fade out or sound as if they were made in a tunnel?)

Sounds like “Loudness Equalization” audio playback enhancement causing compression pumping.
Here’s how to turn Windows audio playback enhancements off …

Yes I meant AKG P120. And this didn’t work, also when I export it and listen on a different computer it still does this. And when I lower the gain it goes away kinda but it’s obviously just really quiet, I want a way to fix this without having to change the gain

Are you using a mixer which has an AutoDuck feature ?.

That could produce a pumping effect which was baked-in to the recording.

All I used was graphic eq, the vocals were too delicate to do anything else with them as I was kinda screaming into the mic lol