Audio gets muted when I opened Audacity -help

I downloaded Audacity and when I open it my audio its muted. Even after I close it, its still muted and the only way to get back working again is when I restart my PC. I also tried to do an audio recording and it doesn’t pick up my mic but Windows audio recorder does. I did change it to the proper mic settings.

Anyone know how to fix this? I tried unistalling and reinstalling and I still get the same issue. Could someone help me fix this please? Thanks

If you are using a USB mic (or any other USB audio device), see here:

I’m not. I’m using the speakers output from the back of my pc. I use a cable that connects the mic and audio and then on the other end connect it to my bose qc20 earphones that has a mic. My mic still gets picked up because I can see the waves moving but my audio is completely lost all the time. Been reinstalling like 6 times, even tried the deve version still have this issue.

Is that the mic that you are recording with, or are you recording with a different mic?

Do they require special drivers on Windows?
The bose website says:

These headphones are designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod models. They are not compatible with iPhone 7 and later. A Lightning to 3.5-mm adapter is needed for iPhone 7 and later. A version is also available for Samsung and Android devices.

What sort of cable is that? Where does it plug into your computer?

We don’t publish a dev version :confused:

No they don’t the mic works, Ive tested it. Its just when I open audacity everything get muted. But I can the waveforms. Its just a headphone splitter

Its audacity-win-2.4.2rc01 forgot what its called. I tried the regular version aswell. I get the same issue. :confused: