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Does anyone know how to kindly inform me if Audacity has a plugin or even some other third-party plugin that has the function of a “Crossover”? That is, which improves or performs a separation of frequencies so that the audio is clearer and less mixed the bass, mids and treble?

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For a speaker? No.

There are various built-in filters and optional plug-ins but Audacity edits audio files… It’s not a real-time audio processor.

And normally, your soundcard has only has one stereo output so you don’t have multiple outputs for the various frequency bands. There are ways of using a computer as a crossover but it’s “difficult” and “messy”.

A crossover separates the frequency bands for the woofer, midrange, and tweeter, (etc.) and they are re-blended in the air. It doesn’t make the sound clearer, it just makes the speaker work correctly. If you put bass into the tweeter you’ll distort it and maybe burn it out, and highs into the woofer waste energy, making a less efficient speaker. (A lot of cheap 2-way speakers don’t bother filtering the highs out of the woofer.)

A full-range speaker (driver) or a headphone doesn’t have a crossover. But a single-driver speaker can’t do a good job of covering the full frequency range. (A single-driver headphone can cover the full frequency range because it’s next to your ear and doesn’t have to be as “loud”.)

You could duplicate the track, then apply “High Pass Filter” to one track, and “Low Pass Filter” to the other.

Using the same filter frequency and slope in each filter will produce a reasonable crossover, though not ideal due to phase differences. For a better (very good) crossover, create the necessary high-pass and low-pass filters using the “Filter Curve EQ” efffect.

Prisma can do that. It works well in Audacity3 as a RealTime effect.
It has 4 bands, a spectrogram & googly-eyes …

prisma demo
The distortion effects are optional.

Cons: Prisma does not display the numerical value of the frequencies, so you have to play it by ear, and you cannot adjust the steepness of the crossover between the bands,

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I will try it and work within the possibilities.

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