audio files from MS PowerPoint for Mac

I am trying to convert several MS PowerPoint for Mac files to .mov. The video converts fine. The audio does not convert at all. I was hoping to use Audacity to grab the audio portion of the PPT and overlay the audio with the PPT video. So far, I have not found a way to do this with Audacity.
Please help.

You can use the desperation method of capturing the PowerPoint playback with SoundFlower and Audacity. It’s a cousin to the technique of capturing YouTube sound.

How sure are you that the sound isn’t a separate sync track?


Only .wav (waveform audio data) sound files can be embedded — all other media files types are linked. By default, .wav sound files that are greater than 100 kilobytes (KB) in size are automatically linked to your presentation, rather than embedded in it. You can increase the size limit for embedded .wav files to be a maximum size of 50,000 KB, but raising this limit also increases the overall size of your presentation.

PowerPoint sound may have to be played live. The tracks have to conform to production cues and segmentation whether the music and sound started out that way or not.