Audio file not playing

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I am Sushil Mehta, Joined recently, Please help me, advise me, I recorded a meeting in my mobile, Acer Z630s, recording ok, file working in mobile, later I cut and paste it in my PC OS Window 10, Audacity is installed, but file not opening / playing, I tried other players but failed, please help me advise me, what to do??, please click below link and download the file, it can be repaired???, please help,
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Sushil Mehta

The file is corrupted - “Moov atom not found” according to FFmpeg. This “moov atom” should be at the end of a .3gP file. I don’t see why the file should work on Android either, unless the file got corrupted in the transfer to PC.

Have you tried transferring it again?

If the file still plays on the phone, have you tried connecting a cable from the audio out of the phone to the audio input on the computer, then recording with Audacity? If your computer has a blue Line-In separate from the mic input, use Line-In, but the mic input might be good enough for a meeting.

Otherwise, or if this happens again, you are into research and trial and error with commercial applications that claim to repair .3gp files. Use your favourite search engine to look for applications (you can begin by searching for “Moov atom not found”). Also see an Android repair app mentioned here:


Dear Gale,
Thanks for your kind reply,
I will do as advised and send you the feed back / update the issue
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Sushil Mehta