audio file cuts off as attachment

I’m not sure this is an Audacity problem exactly, but I wonder if you have any insight to this problem: When I export from Audacity, then send the resulting mp3 as an attachment, the last 5-10 seconds are cut off.

Any ideas what is causing this?

A few details:
I’m using Audicity 1.3.10, but the problem started when I was using a version I downloaded years ago. (In fact, that’s why I upgraded.)
The mp3 files I’m trying to send are about 2 mb (2 minutes), so well below the max attachment size. I send them using the the normal gmail attachment process (In gmail>open “compose message”>click “attach file” etc.) I work on a Macbook running 10.5.8. The mp3 files I send sound just fine on this end, so I don’t get it. I’m experimenting now with YouSendIt, but with files this small, it seems like I shouldn’t have to resort to that.

Thanks for all your collective wisdom – and extra bonus thanks to anyone who cares to puzzle this out with me.

Without over-analyzing it, Audacity 1.3.10 has troubles with Export. Try the 1.3.11 nightly build from here.

Audacity 1.3 Nightly Build – Mac

Try variations. Does it cut off the same amount no matter how long the show is? Does it always pop off ten percent? A desperation method is to send a show that’s too long if you need to deliver something. You know you can mail stuff to yourself, right?