Audio File Conversion

I am trying to convert an audio file for a telephone system and can not get the numbers to work. I need to convert to:

G.711 PCM A-law and mu-law sampling rate of 8kHz, 8 Resolution Bits and 64 Kbps. I’m using windows 10.

Any step by step help would be appreciated.

In the bottom-left corner of the Audacity window, change Project Rate to 8000Hz.

File → Export Audio
Save as type: Custom FFmpeg Export

Options → Click: Show All Formats and select wav.
Click: Show All Codecs and select pcm_alaw or pcm_mulaw, and click OK. (There is a box for entering bitrate, but I assume that will be ignored.)

8kHz, 8 Resolution Bits and 64 Kbps.

8-bits at 8kHz, uncompressed mono is 64kbps. And if you select the above options, it will show “G.711”, so again I assume everything will be compliant with your requirements.

when I click on options I get a message properly configured FFMpeg is required to proceed

There are a few variations of G.711 so you may need to experiment a bit to get the right result.
A-Law and u-Law are available as “other uncompressed files” (which do not require FFmpeg). See: